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Partners more than practioners

Trust that runs deep

We blend serious business expertise and cutting-edge research with a heartfelt and empathetic style. Here is more of what sets us apart:

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A Thoughtful, Pragmatic Approach

Conversations around trust often go one of two ways: they wax poetic, aspiring to broad themes around blind faith and emotion, or they take on a dry, academic quality, informed by a mechanical, statistics-based understanding of trust.

We work in the space between emotion and statistics. We want to inspire of course, but more importantly, we want the approach behind our words to work for you. In all our work, we prioritize putting that approach into action early and often, practicing with.

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Deep and Varied Experience

Some say wisdom comes from experience, not age. Lucky for us, we’ve got both. Over the years decades (let’s be honest), we’ve cut our teeth in the corporate trenches, contributed to academic research around trust, and literally wrote the books on trust. Since 2000, we’ve been empowering companies with the tools and strategies needed to cultivate trust, and the measurable results that come with it.

Our wide-ranging backgrounds in consulting and professional coaching, combined with a mastery of the research and best practices around trust, allow us to quickly understand and diagnose organizational struggles then develop effective strategies to address them.

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A Trusting Clientele

We work with a broad set of talented organizations, from major Fortune 500 brand names to emerging firms. No matter the size, our goals remain the same: collaborate, trust, and prosper, together.

Take control of trust

Building Trust in Your Company

Building trust isn’t easy, but it is in your control. Learn about the factors that influence trust and what you can do to begin shifting attitudes and strengthening relationships in your company.

Our leadership team


Licensed partners

Our network of licensed practicioners expand our capabilities worldwide.

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Besma Kraiem

Besma Kraiem is Licensed Partner for the EMEA region, drawing on 15+ years of experience in business development, sales and sales management.

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Kees Van Meeuwen

Kees Van Meeuwen is the founding partner of The Agri Sales Academy. We build international sales academies for corporates in the agricultural sector.

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C+6 Brazil – Business & Marketing brings together a group of professionals with extensive experience in the Brazilian marketplace.