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Trust is in your hands

Trust is half mindset, half skillset

Trust skills – the actions and behaviors that build trust – can be learned. But building trust can’t be reduced to behaviors alone. Our actions are manifestations of our mindset: the beliefs and values we carry inside ourselves and live by. When you truly adopt a trust mindset, then actions that naturally follow almost always lead to exceptional levels of trust.

Trust is rational

Some aspects of trust, like credibility and reliability, exist largely in the rational, logical realm. They are observable, and often measurable. We can evaluate our relationships and our trustworthiness, designing and executing strategies that build trust, much of which is simple, but not always easy.

Trust is emotional

The most powerful components of trust reside in the non-rational realm. Aspects of trust like intimacy, self-orientation and risk-taking, while ambiguous and difficult to measure, are vital to the integrity of our business relationships.

How trustworthy are you?

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The “TQ” has been taken by over 100,000 people to date, and thoroughly tested since 2010. The Trust Quotient allows you to put a value on trustworthiness—but even more importantly, to understand the variables that impact your own trustworthiness.

Trust, like tango, takes two

In any trusting relationship, there is the one who takes the risk to trust and the one who proves themselves trustworthy.

  • Uncertainty
  • Trust
  • Uncertainty

Trust requires that each of us play both roles, trading places as the needs of the moment require.

Trust doesn't take time. It takes courage

While it’s true that many of our most intimate personal relationships have taken years to build, trust, especially in a professional setting, can develop far more quickly.

Trust happens in the moments that matter, usually when the trustor takes a risk and leans into trust. In this way, trust requires courage and initiative more than the passage of time.

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Trust-Based Selling

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